From circular metals to EV infrastructure, green data centres to decarbonising transport, our projects explore inspiring progress across industries, meeting those who are paving the way to a brighter future, and serving to stimulate wider action


Leading the Way to a World Beyond Waste 

Hear from the thought leaders, the innovators and the changemakers from the resources and waste management industry, leading the way to a zero-wate society through innovation, technology, skills, policy, and collaboration.

The Founder’s Brew

Every founder’s journey is unique. Discover what makes them tick, what they would do differently and the advice they wish they’d known. 

Green Careers Hub 

A one stop shop for information and opportunities around green skills, jobs and careers.

Net Zero: A Digital Journey

Uncovering the instrumental role of the IT industry in responding to the climate crisis; delivering digital solutions to support mitigation and adaptation, whilst embedding sustainability into its own practices

Planning for Tomorrow’s Environment

Exploring the intrinsic role of planning in tackling climate change and paving the way to a sustainable future

Material Change: Resourcing Net Zero

Taking a dive into expertise and advances throughout the materials cycle to address the climate crisis, achieve net zero targets and accelerate the circular economy

Leading the Charge

Unpacking the electrotechnical sector’s pivotal role in realising the UK’s net zero ambitions

Carbon Labelling: Proving Your Sustainability

More than ever before, consumers are looking for information about the products they buy


Getting connected to nature inspires people to take action to protect nature

Making Waves: The Future of Shipping

Chartering the shipping industry’s transition to a cleaner future

Gateways to Growth

Examining the innovations shaping the future of Britain’s ports

Adapting for tomorrow

An in-depth look at the work of water and environmental professionals in implementing solutions to the climate emergency

Content With Purpose