The world is facing a climate and ecological disaster

It is our collective responsibility to tackle the economic, social and environmental challenges we face, and restore a brighter, sustainable future.

There is only a limited window of time to act

Through imaginative and creative problem solving, we can not only avert climate disaster, but protect our environment, and enhance and enrich the lives of all on our planet.

CWP exists to communicate these issues, showcase the solutions, and drive behavioural change by connecting people with ideas; inspiring them to take notice, act and collaborate.

We have entered a defining moment in human history, this decade being arguably the most critical.

What will your contribution be?

As storytellers, we already know ours


IPCC AR6: Stark warnings from scientists, impetus for action

The sixth United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has a clear message – we need to act, urgently.

Case Study

Gateways to Growth – British Ports Association

Launched in September 2021, ‘Gateways to Growth’ provided an in-depth look into Britain’s ports and the innovations shaping their future.