The world is facing a climate and ecological disaster

It is our collective responsibility to tackle the economic, social and environmental challenges we face, and restore a brighter, sustainable future

There is only a limited window of time to act

Through imaginative and creative problem solving, we can not only avert climate disaster, but protect our environment, and enhance and enrich the lives of all on our planet.

CWP exists to communicate these issues, showcase the solutions, and drive behavioural change by connecting people with ideas; inspiring them to take notice, act and collaborate.

We have entered a defining moment in human history, this decade being arguably the most critical.

What will your contribution be?

As storytellers,

We already know ours

Our commitment

We are committed to producing and presenting our content in as sustainable way as possible.

We seek to minimise our production emissions and waste through the use of public transport, electric cars, renewable energy tariffs and reusable cups and bottles.

We educate our contractors on the importance of reducing their own impact.

What emissions we cannot mitigate, we offset.

We use sustainable web design methodology to minimise our websites’ carbon footprint.

We have also partnered with Albert, the gold standard of film carbon certification, to independently certify our tentpole feature documentaries.



Leading the Way to a World Beyond Waste: exploring progress to a zero-waste society 

CWP has partnered with CIWM (the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management) to launch a multi-platform digital campaign that shines a spotlight on the pivotal role of the waste and resources management sector in advancing circularity and protecting the world’s environment and resources for future generations.   CWP and CIWM were proud to present a preview of […]

Case Study

Leading the Way to a World Beyond Waste 

Launched in November 2022, ‘Net Zero: A Digital Journey’ is a digital series exploring the instrumental role of the IT industry in responding to the climate crisis; delivering digital solutions to support mitigation and adaptation, whilst embedding sustainability into its own practices.

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