CWP partners with IEMA to produce inspiring video series for the Green Careers Hub

January 2023

CWP is working in partnership with IEMA (the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment) to produce a video series that showcases and inspires green skills, jobs and careers in the workplace.

Green careers are critical to the net zero transition and creating a sustainable economy, and there is growing demand across all sectors for candidates with green skills. 

CWP is producing a range of video content to support the roll-out of the Green Careers Hub, an online space that supports IEMA’s agenda of a world where all jobs are greener. 

Woman in a high vis jacket and hard hat studies plans with wind turbines spinning in the background

Through the Hub, users can access resources and information on green skills development, green career opportunities, and the new work opportunities presented by our transition to a green economy. Anyone, from any sector, background, and career level, can use the Hub to better understand how they can impact green organisational goals and fulfil their roles more sustainably. 

The Green Careers Hub will be regularly updated with new video content produced by CWP as part of the series, which tells the stories of inspiring organisations and individuals who are harnessing green skills for a sustainable future, and supports users to contribute to the green transition. 

The video series will also be promoted through an ongoing digital marketing and communications campaign. Tailored content will be targeted to specific audiences, including IEMA individual and corporate members, economic segments and industries, educators, young people, and the wider general public, raising awareness that everyone has a role to play. 

Visit the Green Careers Hub 

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