CWP partners with CIWM to present ‘Leading the Way to a World Beyond Waste’

March 2023

CWP is partnering with CIWM (the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management) to produce a wide-ranging digital series exploring the resources and waste sector’s role as a vital change agent for the transition to a low-carbon, resource efficient, circular economy. 

This is a pivotal moment for the sector; a time for waste management professionals to accelerate progress in order to protect our environment and resources for future generations. 

In response, the industry is driving change through innovation, collaboration, policy, and new technologies; working with producers and manufacturers to design out waste and nurture green material chains; and inspiring behavioral change required in the journey to a world beyond waste. 

A hand holding a square of cardboard with a recycling logo printed on it.

But urgent progress is still needed to keep pace with the change necessary to meet net zero targets, and more must be done to upskill and recruit the future workforce, foster multidisciplinary working and establish a consistent regulatory framework. 

Through interviews, podcasts, films, articles and a documentary, ‘Leading the Way to a World Beyond Waste’ will shine a light on the waste management community and tell the story of the organisations and professionals powering the sector’s transition. 

The digital series will explore progress in areas such as waste reduction and reuse, EPR, consistent collections, sustainable packaging design, technology, decarbonisation, research and innovation, and skills and training. It will provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and best practice, whilst raising awareness and inspiring the next generation. 

‘Leading the Way to a World Beyond Waste’ will launch in September 2023 at RWM & Letsrecycle Live, at the Birmingham NEC – the UK’s leading event for waste, resource and sustainability professionals. It will then be promoted through an extensive digital marketing and communications campaign, with tailored content for specific audiences including CIWM members, the wider resources and waste management sector, policymakers, educators, young people and the general public. 

Sarah Poulter, CEO of CIWM, said: “At this crucial moment, our sector is doubling down efforts to lead the UK’s transition to a circular economy. We are rightly proud of our community’s achievements to date, and we are committed to uniting, equipping and mobilising our members to drive change for the sustainable management of resources and waste. We are excited for the opportunity to raise awareness of these efforts through our collaboration with CWP, and hope this serves to educate and inspire others as we continue our journey to a world beyond waste.”  

Max Smith, Founder & Managing Director, CWP, said: “A world beyond waste means cleaner oceans, thriving natural ecosystems, and a greener, brighter future for society. There’s a long way to go, but it’s a truly inspiring goal and one that this industry has set firmly in its sights. We are excited to meet those accelerating progress and give them a platform to tell their story in transforming the UK.”  

CWP is a strategic content creator that works in partnership with leading member bodies and associations; engaging professionals on their industries’ contribution to solving the climate and ecological crisis.

Organisations interested in contributing to the series should contact Millie Gallagher, Series Development Lead at CWP to learn more:  

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