Transforming the World to Sustainability

Hear from inspiring innovators across industries who are harnessing their green skills to protect the planet by challenging accepted strategies, implementing sustainable practices, and accelerating businesses to net zero.

Launched in March 2024, Transforming the World to Sustainability is a digital campaign exploring the transformative work of organisations and sustainability professionals to accelerate and enable greater climate action and deliver positive outcomes for the natural environment.

Created in partnership with IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment), the series was premiered on 28 of February at the event ‘Sustainable Action Through Storytelling’. Participants got an exclusive preview of the series and had the opportunity to participate in a discussion with IEMA Futures and Fellows on greenwashing and the role of sustainability practitioners in countering false narratives.

Transforming the World to Sustainability features a combination of short films, case studies and interviews, with stories covering decarbonisation, circularity, energy efficiency, research, training, green skills, sustainable finance, and new technologies. 

IEMA plays an important role in acting as a convener of organisations seeking a more sustainable future. Championing green skills and inspiring both businesses and professionals to share knowledge and learn from the latest innovative approaches in order to transform the world to sustainability.

From the Ministry of Justice within the UK Government, to creative production agency Ruddocks, organisations of all sizes across industries open their doors to share their stories in steering meaningful progress to protect our planet.

The series includes comment from industry experts including Richard Carter, Chair at IEMA; Kia Trainor, Head of Sustainable Operations at the Ministry of Justice; Jo Holden, Head of Sustainability at Grosvenor Rural Estates; and Dr Emma Keller, Head of Sustainability for Nestlé UK&I.

Check out the full series here.

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