Leading the Way to a World Beyond Waste 

Hear from the thought leaders, the innovators and the changemakers from the resources and waste management industry, leading the way to a zero-wate society through innovation, technology, skills, policy, and collaboration.

Launched in September 2023, Leading the Way to a World Beyond Waste is a multi-platform digital campaign that shines a spotlight on the pivotal role of the waste and resources management sector in advancing circularity and protecting the world’s environment and resources for future generations. 

Created in partnership with CIWM (the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management), the series was premiered at RWM, the Resource & Waste Management Expo, the leading event for waste & recycling professionals.  

The series explores progress in innovation, technology, skills, policy and collaboration towards a zero-waste society, whilst raising awareness of the urgency needed for this transition.  

The suite of future-focused content, including interviews, podcasts, short films and a documentary, highlights inspiring organisations and individuals who are seizing the moment to advance sustainable consumption, cut emissions, minimise waste, transform reuse and recycling, and support the rebalance of resources.  

The series features industry experts including Dan Cooke, President of CIWM; Dr Adam Read, Past President of CIWM; Iain Gulland, CEO of Zero Waste Scotland; Dr Andy Rees OBE, Head of Waste Strategy, Welsh Government; Sam Horne, Chair of NAWDO; and Cathy Cook, Chair of LARAC, among others. Mark Shayler, author, environmental expert & innovation lead, leads discussions in a six-part podcast series that takes a deep dive into key topics affecting the industry.  

Check out the full series here.

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