Digital Pioneers: Recoding our Future

With the unprecedented surge of technology including AI, quantum computing and blockchain, this series explores adjacent progress in developing skills and regulation to keep up with the pace of change, the imperative need to build public trust in tech, and nurture an ethical and responsible computing profession.

Launched in May 2024, Digital Pioneers is a digital campaign exploring IT’s contribution to society; addressing global challenges, fostering innovation, transforming lives, and creating a future of possibilities. 

Created in partnership with BCS (British Computer Society) The Chartered Institute for IT, the series was premiered on May 2 in London. Participants got an exclusive preview of the series and had the opportunity to participate in a discussion with a dynamic panel and Q&A, led by Brian Runciman, Editor in Chief at BCS.

Digital Pioneers: Recoding our Future involves a diverse array of future-focused content, including short films, interviews and a documentary that meets the thought leaders, the change makers, the innovators and the collaborators shaping the future of computing, and its role in creating a better world. 

The series sheds light on the indispensable role of digital technology in tackling the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, driving progress across areas including healthcare, climate action, social inclusion, quality education, economic growth and sustainable infrastructure.  

Among the organisations sharing their stories are: Open Climate Fix, focused on reducing carbon emissions using computers; LabGenius, combining human and machine intelligence to accelerate the discovery of advanced medicines; OceanMind, harnessing satellite data to power marine enforcement and compliance; and Oxford PV and Phasecraft, using quantum computing to advance solar PV materials. 

In the midst of a remarkable surge in technological advances, the series explores concurrent progress in developing skills and regulations to match the rapid pace of change. It underscores the pressing need to build digital trust, and nurture a diverse, ethical and responsible computing profession. 

Check out the full series here.

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