Carbon Labelling: Proving Your Sustainability

More than ever before, consumers are looking for information about the products they buy

More than ever before, consumers are looking for information about the products they buy. From checking the sustainability of ingredients, to recycling information, we now expect to be able to make purchase decisions based on the impact these products have on the environment.

This provides an opportunity for brands working to reduce their carbon footprints.

Research conducted by YouGov found 64% of consumers felt positively about brands that reduced their carbon footprints. The same polling found 42% were willing to pay more for carbon neutral products.

Helping business make better decisions

However, without a clear way to assess the carbon footprint of a product, it was difficult for consumers to make this decision. As a result, 63% believed a carbon footprint label would be a good idea. 

The Carbon Trust’s carbon footprint labels provide a clear guide for consumers wanting to make purchasing decisions based on carbon emissions. It also supports companies making the effort to reduce the footprint of their products.

The Carbon Trust evaluated every stage of production, to help companies understand and reduce their footprint. Silvana Centty, Associate Director of the Carbon Trust said:

“How we work with clients is not only to help them understand their footprint, but also supporting the development of a carbon management plan, so they can review their footprint every year. We follow international standards, and the label is a mechanism to communicate the carbon footprint to consumers with credibility.” 

Wyke Farms in Somerset produces a carbon neutral cheddar, using electricity from farm waste and farm grown crops to feed the cows. Managing Director, Richard Clothier, said external accreditation provides trust for consumers, 

“I can say what I’m doing, but working with outside companies, like the Carbon Trust, to independently affirm what we’re doing is a really important thing for consumers so they can have the confidence of the claims that are being made.”

Find out more about how the Carbon Trust can help your company reduce your carbon footprint, then communicate this to consumers.

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