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Changing Perceptions

Teesport:  A cynic’s field trip   Before we start, there’s something you should know.     I am a cynic.  Always have been, probably always will. Suspicion, disbelief and scepticism are my friends.       That’s not to say I’m some befuddled conspiracy theorist. I don’t disappear down online rabbit holes or declare Bill Gates is a Bond villain intent […]

Give some thought to the port

I’ve just spent the last six months of my life researching British ports. I know, lucky me.  That’s 182 days on the phone, on the internet and sometimes on the edge of sanity.    Or 4,380 hours to be exact, on a research project I’d assumed would be all wrapped up after a few days hunched […]

From blue to green – maritime’s urgent action on climate change

There is no doubt that the maritime industry is on a transformative journey.  This is a period of rapid innovation – from alternative fuels to new technologies – and collaborative action towards a smarter, clearer future. Who are the key industry players in the UK?    IMO (the International Maritime Organization) is the United Nations specialised […]

IPCC AR6: Stark warnings from scientists, impetus for action

The sixth United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has a clear message – we need to act, urgently.

CIWEM – Turning over a new leaf

How environmental professionals are sowing the seed for a sustainable future